How to know if you’re safe online

Posted by Ryan Burkhart

Everybody that has used the internet knows that you are not always safe online. The internet has brought a lot of good, but it has also brought a number of new ways to scam innocent consumers. That’s why it’s always good to keep some things in mind when surfing the internet. I would like to tell you all about them and today I want to start telling you about online casinos. A lot of them try to reel you in with casino free spins, but just because they offer them does not immediately mean that they are reliable.

Is there a license?

The number one thing to look out for when choosing an online casino is a license. A licensed casino will always have the license information displayed at the bottom of the page. The best license to have for a casino operating in an unregulated territory is the Maltese license. That’s because the Maltese gaming authority is quite strict when it comes to attributing licenses. It also checks up with casinos on a regular basis to see if they comply with the rules. However, it does take time to get a Maltese license and that’s why some casinos opt for a license from Curaçao which is reliable as well.

Check the slot machine providers

You can get casino free spins, but if they are only valid on unknown games by an unknown provider, this might not be the best casino to play at. That’s why it’s a good idea to always browse through the slot machine offer, before you start playing at an online casino. A good rule of thumb is that a reliable provider will only collaborate with reliable partners. This means you’re safe if you see games by NetEnt, Microgaming or even Fugaso or any other name you see popping up on a regular basis. If you see only slots by providers you have never heard of or cannot find anything else about online, it might be time to look for another casino to play at. Even if they are offering a lot of casino free spins.

Test the customer support team

In some industries people say that a company is only as good as its worst employee. This is no different for online casinos. After all, the support you get is a big part of how you experience an online casino. So, even if there are no issues, you should always test the support team of an online casino before signing up. You can always make up a fake story about how you didn’t receive your casino free spins and see how they react to it. Are they friendly and helpful? Do they offer a solution quickly? If so, you may have found the right casino for you.

Rely on your gut

As with a lot of things, you can rely on your gut feeling when it comes to feeling at home at a casino. When you choose the right one, you can have a lot of slot machine fun for the coming years, so you don’t want to take a rushed decision. Take your time to have a good look and inspect everything that you deem important. Also, don’t forget to keep the above tips in mind. This way you’ll at least be safe when playing in an online casino.

Testimonials from online casinos

Posted by Ryan Burkhart

Now that you are here, I guess all we can do is talk about one of the most important things – good word of mouth! It is all well and good to boost yourself up and hope that your talent will speak for yourself, but in the long run if you do not have some good, solid testimonials to back you up, you aren’t going to get much momentum further into either of these wonderful industries. As such, I’ve picked out some of my favorite testimonials that will hopefully tell you all that you need to know about my work. I’ve listed the best internet casinos 2020 for you & the best roulette online kostenlos games from NetEnt! Moreover, if you would like to read more information about gambling online india, you are at the right place!

1. Mr Green – “We never really thought to prioritize our logo in the past; it was only through a forward thinking executive that we actually became proactive in upgrading our logo design to something a little more professional. I remember when she took me to the side and told me that I needed to look for someone, and she made a darned convincing argument. After some looking, we finally settled on Ryan Burkhart, who gave us exactly what we needed.”

2. BGO Casino – “We originally kind of balked at the idea of hiring Ryan for this job, thinking that we needed a professional company and not just a freelance graphic designer. Ultimately though, nothing we saw from the so-called professionals stood up next to what Ryan gave us for our new casino free spins campaign. We couldn’t be happier!”

3. 22Bet Casino – “This testimonial is almost a little embarrassing, but we cannot deny that we weren’t slightly obnoxious to create a logo for. We were very particular, and made a point of asking for the logo to match our wants and needs exactly. Amazingly enough, he wound up giving us everything we needed and more. Thank goodness for his patience.” For more information about 22bet, you can visit

4. Leovegas – “I remember when we were looking for our next logo, a lot of what we got was samey and really kind of uninspired. We picked Ryan’s work almost immediately because it had been the only thing that we felt had an ounce of originality to it.”

Value – Over and under are both bad

Posted by Ryan Burkhart

There is a fine balance to be made between a lack of confidence and an abundance of confidence. If you have too little confidence in yourself and your work, you wind up getting your foot in the door less often and you wind up making less as a result in the long run. If you have too much confidence however, it can wind up turning off potential clients and similarly giving you less money. The appropriate approach to this job is to be humble, but self-confident. You would hardly claim that your work is the best ever – there is always going to be someone who is better than you (and as a result giving you motivation to do better) – but you want to at least establish, both through how you present your work and the quality of your work itself, that there is a ton of value to be gained from them using your logos.

In my history in graphic design, I have actually seen examples of both, unfortunately enough. The first example is someone I knew when first starting out. He was really mouthy, had a lot of confidence in himself. He was usually nice – probably one of the nicest people in the industry I’ve met in most contexts – but in the context of the industry? He was cutthroat, and would happily tear your work apart (not literally, thankfully). He had some initial success, and took this to mean that he could behave in that way and have success. As such, he kept going further and further down that path, and unfortunately, he wound up burning all too many bridges and finding himself with not much of a career leftover. He still does some work, but less work than he deserves with his talent. The other one? It’s me! I used to have so little confidence in my work, especially when I was young. I had some nasty anxiety and self-pity, so it limited my ability to expose myself. A solid family and friend support system helped me out and got me where I am today.

Getting enhanced value out of your new career

Posted by Ryan Burkhart

Once you do make it into the career of graphic design, the online gambling casino industry, or possibly both, it then becomes a question of how you can stretch your abilities to maximize your potential. While it is nice if you can get your foot into these industries, the worry that you may limit yourself to these industries with your skills is ever present. As such, I am here to help you understand how you can maximize your abilities like I have! Below are ways that I’ve managed to become more successful from just utilizing my talents in these two industries:

1. Getting your name out into the wild – This is perhaps my biggest gain, outside of my industries of choice. Being able to take credit for the designs of different logos across the internet has been a huge boon for me, as it allows me to penetrate into other industries. Eventually this has snowballed into me making logos for companies’ websites in the fashion industry, the music industry, the food and beverage industry, and more. It truly is an industry with a very high ceiling!
2. Keeping your artistic talents from dulling – Of course, you do not want to limit yourself to JUST doing company logos. While it has been a great use of my talent and has given me the ability to do something that I am interested in while getting paid, it can get somewhat tedious without something to break up my job. If I didn’t use my skills for a bevy of different applications, I might just come to despise my job, haha! Anyway, you could do a variety of different kinds of art, both for your own personal use and for use by others. For instance, I like to draw character designs in my spare time, because you don’t know where your career could go!
3. Non-artistic connections – Working on designs for websites helps you to make connections with people in various industries, and could help you discover new industries you never thought you would ever try.

The online gambling industry

Posted by Ryan Burkhart

As a graphic designer, getting into designing online gambling company’s websites like the bitcoin casino and paypal online casino websites of คาสิโนออนไลน์ที่ไม่โกงแน่นอน where you can online magic portals gratis spelen and other casino games and where you don’t need to worry about casinos that will cheat you!
It was actually a couple friends who pushed me to use my talents for this industry, who also have found a lot of money in doing these websites (both by themselves and as a collaborative effort between the three of us). Logo design for an online gambling casino’s website can be a bit tricky. Companies, both inside and outside of the online gambling casino industry, may end up being just a little too picky. While I do not have an abundance of stories to tell about this kind of thing happening, I do have a few (but I will not name names!).

1. The first time it ever happened to me, it was a bit of a shock. The company was actually very receptive at first; they loved the logo, and for a while, it seemed that the logo job was all done. Unfortunately, I eventually discovered that they did a complete 180 on it, and they started to complain about certain things that they once praised. I have yet to get my payment from them, and to this day I do not understand what in the world compelled them.
2. Another time was a lot more amicable – the client was somewhat annoying in how he was so particular about certain things he wanted on their website page “een short positie invoeren op ninjatrader“, but even more annoying due to how much he changed his mind. Ultimately he decided to go with a different person to make his company’s logo, but he at least was nice enough to pay me for the work done.
3. This one was a lot more recently compared to the other two (mainly because after those two events, I became a lot more no nonsense about these things), but it was also less interesting. It was a lot of the same stuff as the second instance, but nothing to write home about – we just didn’t see eye-to-eye, and they paid me for my work.

Overall though, these were just some small bumps in an otherwise awesome career!

Getting into graphic design

Posted by Ryan Burkhart

Graphic design is not exactly an impenetrable skill or industry, but there are some hurdles that you may have to overcome if you are not someone who got into art and design from an early age like I did. As many older people can attest to, learning a new skill – or improving yourself in another – is not an easy task by any means. This is mainly because as you get older, you are already all too set into your own ways. Your brain is just done learning, and so you have to kind of force it into operation. Of course, you could always be that person who grew up loving art and making your own art, but unfortunately never found a good avenue for your skills and thus fell into an entirely non-artistic job. And unfortunately, falling into a job like this can sometimes dull your artistic and creative abilities, leading to you needing to be retrained. Or perhaps you’re even a young person who hasn’t dulled their artistic talents and just want a window into this industry. No matter if you’re here to learn or relearn, I have some handy tips to help you get on that artistic horse. The first tip is to keep yourself on task – While it may not be the easiest thing in the world (especially for those who are trying to get into this while working their current jobs), it’s important to set a goal. For instance, Stephen King has a rule – every single day he must write 2,000 words. He does this by ignoring quality and just goes with it, editing what he writes later (or perhaps simply throwing it in the trash). The second tip is to make sure that you do not fret over whether what you made is bad – just go with your instincts, take what you think works, and throw away what you think does not. Thirdly, don’t be too worried about rejection. After all, you miss every shot you don’t take.