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    Getting into graphic design

    Graphic design is not exactly an impenetrable skill or industry, but there are some hurdles that you may have to overcome if you are not someone who got into art and design from an early age like I did. As many older people can attest to, learning a new skill – or improving yourself in another – is not an easy task by any means. This is mainly because as you get older, you are already all too set into your own ways. Your brain is just done learning, and so you have to kind of force it into operation. Of course, you could always be that person who grew up loving art and making your own art, but unfortunately never found a good avenue for your skills and thus fell into an entirely non-artistic job. And unfortunately, falling into a job like this can sometimes dull your artistic and creative abilities, leading to you needing to be retrained. Or perhaps you’re even a young person who hasn’t dulled their artistic talents and just want a window into this industry. No matter if you’re here to learn or relearn, I have some handy tips to help you get on that artistic horse. The first tip is to keep yourself on task – While it may not be the easiest thing in the world (especially for those who are trying to get into this while working their current jobs), it’s important to set a goal. For instance, Stephen King has a rule – every single day he must write 2,000 words. He does this by ignoring quality and just goes with it, editing what he writes later (or perhaps simply throwing it in the trash). The second tip is to make sure that you do not fret over whether what you made is bad – just go with your instincts, take what you think works, and throw away what you think does not. Thirdly, don’t be too worried about rejection. After all, you miss every shot you don’t take.